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Cover Up (Screenplay)
Feb. 22, 2022
LaErtes Muldrow
Digital: Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
As revealed by the title, "Cover-Up" centres around a technology developed by humans to assist them in disguising themselves in a form that no one could imagine. This book allows readers to visualize what is mentioned in one chapter, which adds to the excitement of moving from one chapter to the next. This illustrates how NEXUS will influence not just the main character's life, but the entire world.
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Ancient tongues who spoke of the Earth’s birth, were shackled and shipped across foreign shores, find a resting place in the fantastically twisted Nubian mind of LāErtes, an original soul with the blood of ancestors and interpretation of a griot, whose name means ‘Father, Son, Brother, King.’

Growing up in pre-Civil Rights Arkansas, LāErtes survived the fatal realities of race relations. He escaped one face of death to be confronted with another. He was forced to embalm corpses by an alcoholic mortician step-father. Using music as a coping mechanism, LāErtes evolved into a skilled musician who also sang in “elite choirs and vocal groups.” Black heritage also interested LāErtes, as a result, he was elected editor of the first California High School Black newspaper, later becoming a “Teacher's Assistant” in Black Studies at San Francisco State University.

His life has spun in directions of music entertainment, sound engineering, quality control, research & development, computer programming, and film editing; he’s also a disabled Vietnam Era Vet. The result of these diverse experiences is LāErtes’ divine ability to show a story, so rich in visual elements that adaptation to film is the next evolution for his creations.

LāErtes’ books read very much like an e-book: the chapters and paragraphs are the epitome of brevity. His “Minimal-Listic'' style downplays grandiose prose, while emphasizing direct, vivid visions that cognates readers’ imaginations. This can be seen in classic tales such as Evolve: An Anthology of Horra/Thrilla Novellas, Manawydan, and current release, Cover-Up, through forthcoming stories like, Nexus, Uprooted, Thaw, and el-SIN-ore.

His Horra/Thrilla/Fantasy genre continues to reinvent its eclectic, fresh, sexy style, which mesmerizes audiences with a fervor not witnessed since the introduction of hip-hop music. Applying everything from ancient Egyptian mythology to urban Black American experiences, the likes of which Langston Hughes’ poetry illustrated.

LāErtes commands the style that he conceptualized and reared from infancy into the literary juggernaut that his Minimal-Listic style and Horra/Thrilla/Fantasy/Adventure genre are becoming today.
Diana Appleseed
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