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Cursed Bunny
Nov. 12, 2021
Bora Chung
Fiction: Horror
Cursed Bunny is a genre-defying collection of short stories by Korean author Bora Chung. Blurring the lines between magical realism, horror, and science-fiction, Chung uses elements of the fantastic and surreal to address the very real horrors and cruelties of patriarchy and capitalism in modern society. Chung’s prose effortlessly glides from being terrifying to wryly humorous.

The episode “Cursed Bunny”
Grandfather used to say, “When we make our cursed fetishes, it’s important that they’re pretty.” And the lamp, shaped like a bunny rabbit sitting beneath a tree, is truly pretty. Every object has a story. This object is no exception, especially as it’s a cursed fetish. Sitting in an armchair next to the bunny lamp, Grandfather tells me the same story he’s already told me time and time again. The lamp was made for a friend of his. It is forbidden to make a cursed fetish for personal use. Also according to family tradition, it is forbidden to curse any handmade item. This bunny, however, is the only exception. “My friend’s family were alcoholic spirit artisans,” says Grandfather. He always adds, “Do you know what spirit artisans are?”

The episode “Head”
She was about to flush the toilet. “Mother?” She looked back. There was a head popping out of the toilet, calling for her. “Mother?” The woman looked at it for a moment. Then, she flushed the toilet. The head disappeared in a rush of water. She left the bathroom. A few days later, she met the head again in the bathroom. From then on, the head stays there for a long time. But nobody around her cares about the head in the toilet.
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