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Hope's Lantern: A Journey of Love (Non-fiction)
Feb. 22, 2022
Eleanor Gustaw
Digital: Children's
A little boy finds an unexpected bend in his path when he learns of his mother’s terminal illness. Drawing on the strength of their love within the short time that he is to share with his mother, Harry comes to terms with the dire circumstances. Learning at his mother’s feet and embracing her love as she teaches him life lessons that will help him stand tall amidst the pain, especially when she’s no longer there for him. Cherishing her gifts, he continues to move forward with his father despite his pain. Here, Harry finds that joy still comes, waiting ’round the bend in time, as the wonderful memories, like a precious locket, are forever held dearest to his heart from his mother’s love.
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Within the author’s heart comes the profound essence of the poignantly touching, tender story of a little boy who learns the true meaning of Hope’s Lantern through the endearing sweetness of his mother’s love for him.
Here, the author’s lovingly deep devotion for children lends this special gift, characterized by nature’s influence on surrounding beauty.
Applauding to the storytelling within visual effects, she has taught Sunday School, Daily Vacation Bible School, and Christian Education through years past, holding young minds captive.
Drawn to the same beautiful poise as her novels, Lee has created a story through her losses in reaching out in strength and comfort to not only the young souls like Harry but to the heartbreak that befalls us all.
Divinely guided, the author’s work excels in bringing the heartwarming story of Hope’s Lantern in its pages within the lilted passion of her writing and the exceptional heart she holds for them!
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