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Misled (Fiction Screenplay)
Feb. 22, 2022
Dianne Kaye
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Logline: A naive woman rekindles a romance with a mysterious man, finds herself thrust into a spiritual journey and caught in a web of international intrigue.

Jade Anne (aka Nadine Jaden Hawke) receives a letter from an old flame, ex-coworker Stephan Peltzini, who says she is the sole heir to a family fortune in a bank in Germany. Ignoring the clanging bell of better judgement, she makes a fateful decision to travel to Germany with him.
Their former administrators from the GRIFFON Center, George Marshal who holds a personal vendetta against Stephan and Eldon Wolf, willing to do Marshal’s bidding, fail to capture Peltzini. Wolf confronts Jade at Chicago O’Hare airport before the couple get on a plane bound for Europe, and confirms that Stephan is not who he pretends to be.
In Düsseldorf, a Bankier issues a Kassierer Scheck for Jade’s great, great-grandfather’s fortune, worthless without international authorization. Upon leaving the bank, they are attacked and Jade sees Stephan kill a man. When she returns home to Seattle, Jade is charged with co-conspiracy to murder.
Feeling betrayed, Jade realizes that Stephan is a trained assassin, and contacts criminal defense attorney K.K. Davenport. When Jade is indicted and jailed, Davenport hires private investigators, agrees to defend her in the murder trial, and refers her to a psychologist-priest, Dr. Grayson Mounds. The doctor helps Jade recover from the trauma, resume her true identity, break an unhealthy soul-tie, and guides her through the overwhelming maze of courtroom drama.
Prosecuting attorneys use a videotape of the crime scene to call witnesses, FBI agent Blake Briscoe, George Marshal and Eldon Wolf. Dr. Mounds testifies on Jade’s behalf by explaining her state of mind during the traumatizing ordeal, using the M’Naghten test for temporary insanity.
When Davenport calls General Caldwell and Stephan Peltzini, as witnesses for the defense, the Geneva Convention justifies the military sanctioned hit on a known terrorist. Judge Edna Zackary renders the verdict of not guilty and Nadine Jaden Hawke is transformed from a star-struck lover to a sober wiser woman.

Read the sequel to MISLED, titled RESOLUTION. Does Stephan redeem himself in Jaden’s eyes? See Kaye’s website: www.diannekayeauthor.com and book trailer for MISLED. Both novels and E-books are also available at Xlibris.com, amazon.com and Barnes & Noble website. Kaye is currently writing the third book in the series, entitled JADEN’S GRACE, TBA next Spring.
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About the Author

Dianne Kaye lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and spends her leisure time painting landscapes and writing poetry and fiction. Retired after twenty years of human services work, she finds inspiration to write from the many courageous people she met as a youth worker, addictions counselor, family therapist, and HIV case manager. Always aspiring to be a writer, she studied books from suspense, psychological thriller, to spy intrigue. She learned to use published writers as silent mentors and developed a unique writing style of weaving reality into fiction. She has published several poems and short stories in an array of anthologies. Puzzled by the women who chose abusive men repeatedly and suffered negative consequences, Kaye discovered a religious concept called soul-ties, created through intimacy. If a relationship involves escalating violence, a negative soul-tie is formed. Sometimes it takes determination, courage, and divine intervention to be free. Compelled to write a story about a woman who finds herself in a dangerous situation, Kaye penned a suspenseful drama. As she added more characters, the tale turned into a suspenseful, action-filled adventure. Misled is Kaye's first novel. She says, "I hope you enjoy reading the story like I enjoyed writing it." She is currently developing the outline for a sequel. --This text refers to the paperback edition.
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