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Confessions of Black Mothers
Feb. 22, 2022
Sharon Kaye Hunt
Digital: Non-fiction: Memoir
Confessions of Black Mothers Represents 16 States -the platform is designed to give voice to black women to document four major contributions to the building of the United States of America. Even though mistreated the same as common stock cattle or horses, during slavery, the black mothers superseded women from all ethnic groups (author’s opinion) in the United States.
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Sharon Hunt, born in Nobletown, Oklahoma, and is a 1965 graduate of Wewoka High School. She graduated with B.S. and M.S Degrees from Oklahoma State University. She did further study at Kansas State University. Hunt is a registered dietitian and worked as a dietitian at St. Luke’s and Texas Children’s Hospitals in Houston, Texas. Hunt taught food and nutrition for more than forty years at Langston University and Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, Georgia. While at Fort Valley, Ms. Hunt wrote a cookbook, Bread from Heaven, and appeared on QVC Home Shopping Network three times. Ms. Hunt wrote the original recipe for the World Largest Peach Cobbler for Peach County, Georgia. Hunt co-founded the undergraduate chapter of Delta Sigma Theta at Oklahoma State University and served as the charter president of the Warner Robins Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Currently, Ms. Hunt is retired from teaching and has begun a new career in African-American history. She has self-published 40 books on different aspects of history. She mainly writes about Oklahoma and Georgia. She hopes to be on the move to write 11th-grade Black history books and to include more history about the slaves in eleventh-grade history in the United States. As an honor for slaves’ history of survival, Ms. Hunt nominated Ash cakes(hoecake) for bread for Oklahoma and Collard Greens for Georgia. Ms. Hunt has a trademark on a barbecue sauce for Oklahoma and Georgia. The name of the sauce is Dewey’s Gourmet Barbecue Sauce. Hunt received approval from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to place a Community Pride Sign on Highway 56 in Wewoka, Oklahoma. The Sign was for a popular lawyer who assisted in settling the African-Americans, Creeks, and Seminole Native Americans in early Wewoka and other parts of Oklahoma. The name of the lawyer was James Coody Johnson, an African-American, born before the Civil War. Ms. Hunt is a granddaughter of a ‘GeecheeGrandmother and great-granddaughter of a Georgia Plantation owner and a slave woman.
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