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Daring Darin
Feb. 22, 2022
III The American Prince Charles
Fiction: General/Other
Daring Darin is cleverly written by The American Prince Charles, III and brilliantly illustrated by longtime Hollywood extra, Rey del le Torre. This story proves that going from rags to riches isn't always true-it's possible to go from rags to riches to hero! Walking home from work, on this particular day, Darin was confronted with a carjacking that would ultimately change his life forever. It was no secret that Darin wanted more in life and felt that his current job would lead him nowhere in terms of promotion and adventures. He wanted adventures, excitement and thrills. Darin wouldn't have guessed in a million years his boring present life would soon be a distant memory. As fate would have it, Darin not only ends up saving a man's life but finds out that particular man is of great importance. Accepting an offer, he could not refuse, Darin finds adventures far beyond his high expectations. With a new lease on life now-a life which will change him and the world forever-Darin Daring is truly a remarkable hero! COMING SOON! More exciting-action packed Daring Darin adventures. Each story will be filled with numerous and crazy villains for Darin to deal with. Can Darin live up to the challenge? Will Darin's new identity lead him to other mysterious places with unforeseen dangers? Don't miss a volume! Stay in touch with Darin's colorful stories that will leave you begging for more.
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About the author

I love writing and a variety of genres! I also love singing in the studio! Currently, I'm writing a few fiction series books but will soon be publishing a few romance series of books. So, I'm Charles Rayborn III, a.k.a. The American Prince Charles III.

First, I retired from the United States Navy of twenty-years (honorary Navy Seal) and a proud veteran! I'm an artist, writer, singer, film producer, music arranger, composer, recording artist, licensed scuba diver and author of the comic book series sold on Amazon Daring Darin I, Daring Darin II and Tirips, My Friend from the Cloaked City.

As a retired twenty-year veteran of the United States Navy (honorary Navy Seal), I have traveled the world from Europe to Japan thus creating an environment for me to shape and mold fictional characters while adding some real-life experiences in their creations. I also performed the National Anthem extensively for the Navy and other organizations throughout.

I'm a graduate of the Los Angeles Film School of Hollywood (Summa cum laude-high honors) with an Associate of Science in Film, Bachelor of Science in Entertainment Arts and a member of the National Honor Society of the Entertainment Arts.

My hobbies are writing, podcasting, mountain biking, acting, scuba diving and working on different film projects.
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