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Declaration of Faith (Poetry book)
Nov. 8, 2021
Sharon Dexter
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
A declaration of faith is exactly that: a declaration of the strong faith many have, and those others are beginning to develop.

My 13,960-word poetry book is exactly that: a declaration of the faith journey many have taken and those others are beginning. I believe this book is unique because it speaks to faith as something that can become stronger when we put it in the right hands...God’s.
I wrote this book of poems to show that a strong faith is the best thing that can ever be. FAITH is not stronger whenever we indulge in worldly things, but it becomes the most vital thread in our lives when we put our faith in God.
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I am a retired elementary teacher, having enjoyed teaching for over thirty years. I then discovered I could enjoy Not teaching AS WELL.
Not teaching has allowed me to become more involved with my church.
I have served as an Elder for many years and have taught a variety of adult leadership classes.
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