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Moon Over Seaville: Episode 1: From The Other Side Of The Moon
Feb. 22, 2022
Dr. Leighton J. Reynolds
Fiction: Thriller
“Moon Over Seaville” is the story (Episodes One-Four) of the hunt for a serial arsonist in the Southern California community of Seaville, California. It was written to introduce readers of all ages to the complex and complicated problems of California wildfires, and by extension wildfires worldwide. Given the fact that 2020 was the worst year on record for the damage, and death toll, of California wildfires (and wildfire in the Western United States), I believe this is a very timely series that works to explore these critical issues from several points of view. As an example, 2018, the Camp Fire in Northern California leveled an entire town of 30,000 people and killed 88 people. Wildfires, world-wide, can be extremely dangerous. And because of climate change and too much modern development encroaching on wild territory, they are becoming more frequent, deadlier, bigger, and more devastating to communities around the globe.

I chose fiction over non-fiction, because I had the idea that more readers would connect and respond to a narrative, a fast-paced thriller, that was both informative and engaging, rather than simply straight science about wildfires. In truth, I began my interest in this subject from a personal observation about California wildfires. Not only did these wildfires cost lives, these fires took people's homes and all their irreplaceable possessions. These are important items that make up a person’s identity, and/or the identity of a family. Hence, in my mind, the need for a story that also included the science of wildfires and the current ecology of the Western United States.

In the first novel we meet the town of Seaville, CA, a suburban community located north of Los Angeles. And we quickly find out that the community has been facing a series of wildfires (8 in one month) that the local Fire Chief, Chief Bradford, believes are the result of arson. In a chance encounter with psychoanalyst, Dr. Roger Sterling, and his two children Brad (age 9) and Abby (age 5) he confesses his suspicions and his concern that he has not been able to catch up with the arsonist, or arsonists. His major concern: where is this all headed?
Following a brief discussion with Dr. Sterling, Chief Bradford decides to follow Dr. Sterling’s suggestion: to track the arsonist, or arsonists, using the dynamics of the human mind. And so begins the story that eventually leads the men into the larger dynamics of the quiet (supposedly) suburban community of Seaville, California. As Dr. Sterling begins his research, he soon comes across the theory that an arsonist is the victim of sexual abuse. And he or she lights fires to discharge this tension. A serial killer will do the same thing, discharge their tensions by killing people, but the amount of damage is not the same. A wildfire is capable of wiping out an entire community, which will soon become Seaville's terrible problem.
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About The Author: Dr. Leighton J Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds has a doctorate in Psychoanalytic Studies (modern psychoanalysis, neuroscience, and psychology) and he is in private practice as a Certified Psychoanalyst in the Greater Los Angeles area. He works with trauma patients: both PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and TBI (traumatic brain injury), and patients who unfortunately struggle with both. Moon Over Seaville is his first novel series, and he is already at work on a follow-up series: “The Outlaw Chronicles.”
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