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Turn To Me
Feb. 22, 2022
Tom Reed
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
Turn To Me is a 365-day devotional, saturated in Scripture. The brief daily passages are like “mini sermons” to guide your daily life.

Most devotionals tend to be "happy," Hallmark card, feel good writings with little to no Scripture foundation. There is nothing wrong with these, but if you are hungering and thirsting for daily devotionals saturated in the Word, then Turn to Me is that kind of daily devotional book. These daily devotionals are almost like mini-sermons to fill in your day with the Word of God. Turn to Me is a turning to God's timeless Word and letting it shape your life today.
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(Arthur or Helen have a lengthy bio on me which you can drastically cut down) or----
Tom Reed retired from a business career in banking and later his own health care management company, which he founded. Active in community organizations including Chamber of Commerce, United Way, Arts Council, School Boards and more. Lay leader in the Methodist church. Competed in the tri-athlete sports. Certified scuba diver with 300--500 dives throughout the Caribbean. Black belt in Shotokan karate. Married to wife, Judy, and lives on a small farm in rural West Tennessee. Has written five books of fiction and two religious books.

The American Family Association Journal selected Turn To Me for one of their few books to be reviewed in the Dec./Jan.2020 issue. (It was a good review that encouraged their readers to get the book.) Local TV (CBS affiliate) and radio stations have interviewed me about the book. A local business hosted a book signing and about 200+ people attended.
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