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The Healing Hand of God
Feb. 22, 2022
Shirley Kirwan
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
This book encourages readers to develop strong faith in God, confidence in the power of prayer and in God’s ability and willingness to take them through all of life’s challenges as this is the only solution to the dark cloud of hopelessness that shadows those who have not yet come to know Christ.
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Shirley Kirwan is a mother to one son. She is resourceful, outgoing, passionate, enthusiastic, and self-determined. Shirley is a great example of diligence, loyalty, honesty, commitment and a high level of integrity and compassion. She is an educator, born in Montserrat. She is the seventh child in her family, and was raised primarily by her mother with help from paternal grandmother. From them, she received much encouragement imparted through their words of wisdom and their demonstration of faith in God. At the early age of three she exhibited great interest in receiving formal education and when opportunity presented itself at age five Shirley grabbed it eagerly. With resilience and determination to beat all odds Shirley excelled in her educational pursuit from Primary to tertiary.
She emerged as a leader, mediator and decision-maker in family matters, which ultimately extended beyond the family. Shirley posits a willing attitude to serve in a professional manner. She is a dependable, ardent and rather intelligent individual. She is a source of inspiration and has touched the lives of hordes of people, both young and old, wherever she goes. Shirley is a person who thinks nothing to sacrifice her time, energy and resources to help others.
Her career in teaching led her to being a coach and trainer. When she is not teaching or writing, she is engaged in coaching and encouraging others to trust God in the midst of their struggles. She has a passion for helping the youth to be the best version of themselves through bible study and coaching. She especially enjoys quality time navigating the labyrinth of promises in the word of God, the product of which is literally reflected. In addition to The healing Hand of God Shirley has written The Unchanging Hand of God, I Know why the Eagles Soar and Repairing The Broken Bridge. She is presently working on The Invisible Hand of God, third in the Hand of God series.
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