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At A Moment’s Notice, A Witness To Murder
Feb. 22, 2022
Carole Alexander
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
The author has written a book portraying true events from her life interspersed with fiction to complete the picture. It begins in 1957 when a mob hit goes wrong, setting off a chain of events that changes the lives of various people for both good and bad.
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ABOUT THE AUTHOR (also on the back cover)

Author of At A Moment’s Notice, A Witness To Murder, Carole grew up in South Huntington, NY. After she married in 1975, she moved to Deltona, Florida with her husband. Carole became divorced and moved to Central Florida, where she remained until returning to New York when her mother began to experience mild health issues.

She returned home in 1994 to assist her mother who was living alone. Carole always loved to write but didn’t begin to publish her work until 2013. Her first book was a caregiver resource guide, There’s No One Like Mom, which focuses on critical caregiving needs for the elderly. The book is highlighted with amusing true stories of her life while caring for her aging mother.

Carole is currently retired and living in Ecuador, South America where she has found a slice of paradise.
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