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14 Reasons You’re Not Letting Yourself Heal: How Many Of These Are Keeping You Miserable And Stuck?
Feb. 22, 2022
Coach D Anthony
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This book serves to demystify, and fundamentally shift, how we best perceive, navigate, and address deep grief - deciphering and debunking 14 of the most toxic, sabotaging myths, along the way. Via a ground-breaking, new mindset and approach, ’14 Reasons’ equips and empowers Survivors to begin relinquishing their immense pain, and taking their lives back again.
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As a Grief Recovery and Empowerment Coach, grief thought leader, and grief transformation author… I’ve developed and honed a uniquely empowering, proven methodology and approach for proactively disrupting and addressing even the most longstanding, toxic, and debilitating effects of deep grief. Since 2012, I’ve dedicated my professional life to teaching private Coaching clients, and countless other suffering Survivors to more successfully, break free from the debilitation being inflicted in their lives by excruciating and paralyzing grief, guilt, and despair. The backstory…
I could hear the seriousness in her voice, coming through the phone.
And then there was the sound of tears intermixing with her words.
Tears I could picture freely flowing, as the words made their way out…
“My husband told me this week, it is so great to see the light back in my eyes again, after all this time. You will never know what that means to me.”
You see… It had been merely a couple months before that Rita, one of my Personal Success Coaching Clients – had confessed everything had become such a grueling struggle, since losing her son years prior. Attempts at therapy and counseling had been no help. Nothing was getting any better. The thought of moving forward meant the unthinkable act of leaving her son behind. There would be no joy, no peace, no life worth living. She’d decided it was about time she did what was needed, to go be with her son.
However, there she was, merely two months after I’d asked if she would trust me enough to let me help her – telling me essentially, our work together had caused her to rediscover her light, and her life. She’d learned that moving forward didn’t mean leaving her son behind. No… She’d learned healing meant preparing a warm, comfy space in her heart, for her son – and lovingly living her life, with him in tow. For the rest of her life, living for two… And living THAT life… She most definitely desired to do!
What a huge shift for Rita! What a life-defining exchange for me! Because there, in those incredibly heartwarming and awe-inspiring moments… Just hearing that now engaged, hopeful, no longer suicidal, mother’s deep joy and gratitude, having her loving connection with her son back again… It dawned on me! Providing devastated Survivors a real path out of their immense suffering, and back to a life that makes them and their lost loved ones proud... That’s what I was meant to be doing!
And making that realization even more consequential, was an all-important promise made to my Mom…
You see, not long before, I had been stuck in my own torturous grief. For years, a suffering, uninspired shell of my former self… Ultimately, it was just one thought popping into my head, that had paved the way for my ultimate breakthrough. The horrifying thought of my Mom, having been stuck agonizing and devastated for years up there - because I was stuck agonizing and so defeated, down here…
A real gut punch… No more wishy-washiness and wavering for me... I needed to find a solution that would free me - so my Momma would be freed. And, after failing her for so long, only making her eternally proud the rest of my days - would do. Even if I had no idea exactly how I was going to do it…
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That day however, it all fit! Dismantling immense suffering and fostering very best lives… Now, that would make Momma so proud! So, that day, I humbly and willingly embraced my new purpose in life.
I then developed the Accelerated Grief Recovery Method. My game-changing approach for proactively displacing deep grief, proven out freeing private clients from crushing pain and misery over the years…
Then came my grief transformation book, “14 Reasons You’re Not Letting Yourself Heal: How Many of These Are Keeping You Miserable and Stuck”. A highly empowering self-help resource, demystifying and debunking some of the most toxic and incapacitating grief myths and misinterpretations out there…
Throughout, I’ve taught countless suffering clients the requisite insight, skill sets, secrets, and tools – for proactively relinquishing their agony and misery, and fostering rejuvenated, empowered personal and professional lives. While supporting my social media 5K+ member grief group and 22K+ grief page…
And then there’s my forthcoming, one-of-a-kind, life-changing online grief relief and recovery integrated course and group coaching programs – which I’ve been developing, designing, and scripting for a year. Think unprecedented proactive grief relief and recovery know-how, available on a much wider basis…
And, with the 10-year anniversary of that life-changing day with Rita coming up, there continues to be absolutely no feeling like fostering such amazing changes in people’s lives. Whether it’s helping them not take their lives, not forfeit their lives to excruciating pain, or not suffer the losses of their careers,
relationships, and/or financial security… Whether we’re rebuilding their identity, confidence, will, peace of mind, and/or joy of living... There is nothing that energizes and humbles my heart and soul more.
Summing it all up best, upon asking some past clients how they’d best describe my work with them, one particular response was ‘Life Saving Trusted Advisor & Grief Warrior’. Not sure it’s possible to top that…
You better believe, my Momma had a huge smile over that one!
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