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Da Vinci Connections
Feb. 22, 2022
Ronald Townsen
Fiction: General/Other
Three short stories about divergent civilizations tied together by the basic science of our Universe. Each finding a path for their few survivors driving them deeper into our universe as they escape a destruction beyond their ability to stop.
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Ron Townsen is the proud author of the “Watcher in the Fall '' SciFi series (currently a 3 book series) and an adjacent book “Tales from our Universes Edge”. He has also authored a Historical Fiction series of which the first book “Da Vinci Connections' ' has been released. In addition, Mr. Townsen has written screenplays based on his books (“Master Connections”, a finalist at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, based on “Watcher in the Fall: Connections” and “Da Vinci Connections” based on the Historical Fiction book of the same name).
In his other world, Mr. Townsen is a Semi-Retired Senior “Grey Beard '' Military Combat Systems Architect with 50 years of experience in a wide area of Naval and Army Aviation Systems from research to deployment. Ron Townsen has chaired international software standards groups (Object Management Group (OMG) International Standards} as lead for Task Force dealing in Military, First Responder and Homeland Defense software. With a B.S. degree in Low Energy Nuclear Physics, along with master’s Classes in Oceanography and a lifelong hobby of Cosmology, Ron Townsen has worked on projects from the depths of the Marinates Trench to satellites in outer space gathering data on our universe. In addition, Ron Townsen has worked on genetic analysis software and owned a company dealing with advanced software tools used on supercomputers along with a wide range of Signal Processing, acoustic modeling and Telecom systems.
Ron Townsen has traveled the world for his work, from Asia, through Europe. He has always been attracted to on-going work in Cosmology and associated work in Black Holes, Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Long being a reader of Science Fiction, Mr. Townsen has pulled on his breadth of experience to bring you exciting tales stretching the breadth of the universe, the dark world of spies and advanced military action.
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