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Let Me Count The Ways In Which We Have All Been Deceived
Feb. 22, 2022
Boyd B. McNiel
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Scripture tells us that “The whole world, save, (except for) the elect will be deceived”. This book exposes over 275 separate distinctive things that practically the entire world has been deceived about.
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Every person in the entire world is searching for the original foundational truth. People all over the world read their various Scripture books every day and they go to their assembly meetings every week in search of salvation. The problem is that we have all been taught lies from a very early age.


Boyd B. McNiel and his wife Charlotte live in Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

When I was growing up I was asked to leave more churches than you can probably count. I suppose it might have been because I asked too many questions. I never did get a good answer as to why we were supposed to pray to Mary.

In high school and Vo-tech. I took machine shop classes where we were taught to machine parts within + or – a .001 thousands of an inch. These were very close tolerances. After high school I joined the US Navy and served aboard the USS Nimitz where I maintained and operated the ships catapults that were used to propel all of the planes off of the ships deck.

After I was discharged from the Navy, I went to work as a carpenter. As a carpenter I learned several primary things that are the basic principle for my belief system. 1. Everything has to have a solid foundation. 2. Everything has to be perfectly straight. 3. Everything has to be perfectly plumb. 4. Everything has to be perfectly level. 5. Everything has to be perfectly square. 6. There cannot be any happy mediums on any of these. Things are either black or they are white. There are not any gray areas. You are either right or you are wrong. It is with this mental frame of mind that I have come to the conclusions that I have come to in my books.

I have been studying Scripture for nearly 18 years. I have had as many 27 different versions of Scripture at my home to study from. I have listened to a host of preachers on a multitude of various issues. I have come to many of my conclusions by use of: Deductive reasoning. Cause and effect. Intuition. My gut feeling and simple common sense. What I mean by this is that a person does not necessarily need to have a level to realize that a picture they are looking at on the wall is not hanging perfectly level.

So far, I have self-published a total of 5 separate books, and they are all currently available on Amazon.
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