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The Bear: Water & Oil
Feb. 22, 2022
John Kerr
Fiction: General/Other
A multi-generational story set against the backdrop of California’s unique history. This novel takes the reader from wild cat oil riggers to the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, from the birth of Hollywood to the rise of organized crime on the mean streets of Los Angeles.
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John Kerr has lived in California nearly his entire life. He grew up in San Diego's east county area when the population was less than 30,000 and home to sprawling chicken and citrus ranches and diaries. After graduating from college, Kerr worked at a local TV station in San Diego. He spent four seasons working as cameraman for Chargers and Padres ball games. He moved to Hawaii and worked as a producer/director for NBC and CBS. Kerr returned to California to work in Hollywood's film industry. His script, Hound Dog: The Leiber & Stoller Story is currently in development with Corky Hale Productions. Kerr and his wife, along with three dogs and two cats, reside in Riverside where he now writes novels. In addition to his writing, John plays drums and tenor saxophone in blues and jazz bands. John Kerr has made it a point never to live more than 10 minutes away from a great Mexican restaurant.
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