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And Not to Count the Cost
Feb. 22, 2022
Gillian Thornhill
Fiction: General/Other
This book outlines the backgrounds of those involved in adoption, namely the adoption trio…the genetic mother, adoptive mother and the adoptee, and traces the story as the child grows up into adulthood. The reader is presented with the age-old question. Which is stronger, nature or nurture?
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Gillian Thornhill is no spring chicken! She was born in a suburb of London in 1937, and spent quite a bit of the war with her parents and brother in air raid shelters of one sort or another, since their house was located near to an RAF station close to London.

From 11 to 18 years she was educated at Ursuline Convent High School, Brentwood, and from there she trained to be a teacher at Bishop Otter University in Chichester, West Sussex. She always loved writing, and was told she had facility for it. Her first real teaching assignment was in the East End of London which proved to be tough but worthwhile. After spending several years in London, she studied for and gained a degree in French at the Institute of Linguists in London. Further study in French took place at the University of Brussels for one year.

Further teaching experience was gained in various parts of the UK, in Italy, at the Brussels International School, and in Philadelphia for 3 years.

Her other great passion was singing classical and sacred music. Whilst in London she was accepted to sing as a mezzo soprano for the services at the West London Synagogue for 4 years in the sixties. She remembers the Memorial Service for Sir Winston Churchill there. Among the congregation she became aware of those whose relatives were murdered in the Holocaust, and she was deeply affected by it. Later, when retired, she wrote books about Holocaust survivors or those who had escaped Hitler.

Whilst teaching in the United States, she also sang with the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company and the Philadelphia Lyric Opera Company. On her return to the UK, she studied for and achieved Fellowship of the Guild of Church Musicians.

In her retirement, she is still writing.
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