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Make your Dream Come True!
Feb. 22, 2022
Florencia Menna
Digital: Non-fiction: Advice
This book offers to inspire, from the author's experience, other people to fulfill their dreams as she did.
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From Benito Juarez to Bedford
Florencia Menna was born on December 7, 1976, in Benito Juarez, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sagittarius with all the marks!
She studied elementary school at Immaculate Conception School and part of high school at the Pedro Diaz Pumara Institute (IPDP) and then, as she already knew she wanted to study Economics, she finished the last two years of high school at the National School of Commerce Dr. Benito Juarez.
Completed her higher studies at the National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires (UNCPBA) of Tandil, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she also studied three years of International Relations, a career that, as she told in one of the chapters of her book, she couldn’t finish. Back in Benito Juarez, she continued with a technical degree in SME Business Administration, which later helped her for her business “Aromas de Flor”, which she had for twelve years.
As you will read later, she studied the British English language since she was a little child, she also studied Italian language at Dante Alighieri School, since her job required it. Italian it is also the native language of her father and grandparents on both sides, with which she was familiar since she was a child. In other words, you could say that she is a pure Italian descendant!
After going through several jobs and situations in life that were quite unfortunate, she decides to leave her job in the Board of Italians, sell her business to fulfill her dream and move to England, where she lives now since August 2018.
There, she found her place, Bedford, in Bedfordshire County, where she settled two years ago. Se is working for the #1 company in the world, Amazon, in the area of robotics, but she always leaves some time to devote herself to what she likes, which is to help people through Reiki Therapy and Personal Life Coach (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in which she got certified in England.
On her days off, she allows herself to go for walks or enjoy long walks by the river and the park area of the town and practice one of her hobbies, which is photography, some of them you will see in this book.
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