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Say Goodbye to Hollywood: The Climate Crisis, The Localore Movement, and the Case for a Future w/o the Entertainment Industry
Jan. 23, 2021
Brian Smolensky
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Say Goodbye to Hollywood: The Climate Crisis, The Localore Movement, and the Case for a Future without the Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is the most inefficient, energy-intensive, exploitative, dangerous, and resource-heavy form of storytelling ever devised by humankind. It is ruining our planet and undermining our humanity while simultaneously using the power of narrative to stymie attempts to stop it. Everything wrong with the world today -- income inequality, pollution, militarism, nationalism, greed, materialism, capitalism, consumerism, exploited labor, sexism, racism -- is funneled through, and in many cases born in, the entertainment industry.

Told from the perspective of an award-winning writer, actor, and director who has spent the last sixteen years working on the factory floor of Hollywood, this is a book that lays bare the environmental, psychological, physical, and cultural destruction that occurs when we abdicate the responsibility and joy of storytelling to multinational corporations. In short, the entertainment industry is killing us and the only way to fight back is to start a "Local-Lore Movement." This movement is a return to books, theatre, and the spoken word with a focus on keeping the creative process, the talent, the economics, and the stories local. To keep it in our communities. Instead of selling our stories to, and consuming the narratives of, giant corporations, we must begin to feed and be fed by our neighbors again. As we careen towards a climate apocalypse, one thing is increasingly clear: It's time to Say Goodbye to Hollywood.
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Brian Smolensky recently appeared on The Crane Bag podcast to discuss Say Goodbye to Hollywood.

[Brian Smolensky and the host of the podcast talked for over 90 minutes, what appears on the podcast is a 30 minute edited version of their wide-ranging discussion. Interview begins at 30 minute mark].
Brian Smolensky
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