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Ancient of Genes
Dec. 19, 2020
Dan Gallagher
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Setting: Spans 16 years of Harrigan’s psycho-spiritual & scientific journey. U.S., Israel, Iraq.

Thematic Core: The mainstreams of both major religions and myth traditions all have exactly one prophecy that is more-or-less in common. Few have ever contemplated this fact. In one form or another, this prophecy foretells the resurrection of humanity as both physical and spiritual. Along with this is the scientific fact that personality genes and other traits are archived, made dormant, in DNA strands that elongate with every generation of humans and animals; the base codes enable both regeneration from scratch (inception) and expression of archived (atavistic) nucleotide combinations. TPR portrays a scientifically plausible—terrifying—means by which the prophecy becomes manifest…or portends the destruction of humanity from genetic weapons of mass destruction such that a perpetrating government can have its favored peoples inherit the earth. For the fallen-away developer of technology to manipulate these special genes, the most frightening choice can lead to redemption; but whose side is he on? AOG explores the shadowy influence of the divine and the diabolical upon the empirical world and individuals. It unfolds on two interconnected levels, with a military/heroic climax and a psychological/spiritual climax.

Story Line: Protagonist Kevin Harrigan develops Fossil Gene Redemption (FGR), a means of regenerating ancient humans and animals, agonizingly discovering the potential for the expression of human personality genes that have been archived for generations in what we assumed is “junk DNA.” To study this, Harrigan recreates ancient humans to be studied in dangerous Pleistocene epoch-like captivity. Iraqi antagonist Ismail Mon is his mentor and uses his pride to dupe him. Mon orders the theft and perversion of FGR into a genetic weapon that he believes will exterminate everyone except his people and their progeny. But Harrigan realizes that this would, instead, trigger a genetic “cascade” such that future generations would be our ancestors. Still not convinced that Mon is a liar, Harrigan’s ethical and moral agony grows, as he realizes that the cascade will happen by a natural process, but can be triggered artificially if his FGR research is weaponized. He makes the only choice that can thwart Mon’s plans, continuing his character arch from skeptic to self-sacrificing man of faith. After an American commando raid (military climax) is assumed to have taken this technology from Mon, Harrigan knows Mon still has FGR and that, having been infected with a virus that Mon’s henchmen created using FGR, Harrigan must escape to the West. He misses the ride out, however! His wife, Tykvah and he enabled a fragile way to fool Mon into thinking that the stolen FGR files have been sabotaged, rendered useless as a weapon. But can the “save” work? Dying on a plane home that Western power forced and Mon allowed because he thought Harrigan was purged of the virus, Harrigan must now call Mon to complete his ruse and defeat or delay Mon’s plans. He makes the call: The system leads him to dial the party’s name: “M” is 6, “O” is 6, and “N” is 6. Harrigan pauses, finally and fully recognizing the scope of Mon’s purpose and lies, and whose side he is now fully on. The prophesied Resurrection of the Dead would occur eventually as God intended, but Harrigan must now play poker on behalf of the entire human race to avoid an evil and catastrophic weaponizing of FGR. His bluff appears likely to work, at least buy time for the virus to reach the West and be studied. But Harrigan expires, experiencing a miracle that can propel the sequel. The sacrifice of his own will has led him to the gates. Will he be resuscitated to continue the fight?

Sequels: A collection of ten pairs of short stories, one set in ancient times and one near future, progress much like chapters. Harrigan is revived, having had a near-death experience. Neanderthal Kora and Harrigan’s son Ben have a mysterious role as it begins to dawn on readers that they are the Two Witnesses referred to in Revelation. This is not resolved in AOG. Rather it is hinted in order to entice interest in the sequel and spark reader discussions and recommendations. Story pair ten brings the first phase of human history to a close; the world is about to be re-made as an Eden. The third book has this Eden materialize as humanity transfigures into near-gods with bodies of physical light. The mission is to shepherd new worlds through their own evolutions. This scenario leaves the story or book count in the series as without a particular endpoint.
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Novel and TV-series bible completed, available. Screenwriter Charlie Boyles and author Dan Gallagher each own/offer half of cinematic rights; Gallagher owns/offers all book rights.
Dan Gallagher
phone: 7043621001
7124 Colleton Place, Charlotte, NC, USA, Charlotte, NC 28270
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