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The Boundary of the Woods
Sept. 1, 2020
Vratislav Kadlec
Fiction: General/Other
The author uses his short stories to explore different kinds of borders, blurry internal and external thresholds, and milestones in our lives from which there is no going back. A man whose jacket was stolen by a magpie; faces disappearing in the fog; a mysterious body behind the bathroom wall; a maritime disaster; all result from a fissure in the everyday routine – but also an inability to communicate one’s feelings to their closest loved ones; childhood injustices burnt deep under the skin, breakups hanging low and heavy like dark clouds over a summer day, attempts to scrabble for authenticity, which is running off like water between our fingers. While the protagonists’ predicaments are far from joyful, the narration does not lack in humor; here and there, the author’s jeering grin peeks out between the words. Humor happens when we realize a mistake which does not hurt us. But the threshold of pain itself is in its nature indistinct and ever-shifting.
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winner of the Czechia's highest literary honour
– rising star of the year (2020)
December 2019, 176 pages
Veronika Chaloupkova
Argo Publishers
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