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Ditch Lane Diaries four book collection
July 15, 2020
Dawn F Jones
Fiction: General/Other
Looking for a Different Angel Series?

Mysterious cave encounters, magical gemstones, and supernatural powers, four women of Everglade join a six-thousand-year-angelic battle over souls.

Ruby: The Dreamer, Anna: The Healer, Sandy: The Soul Reader, and Lee’s Lesson: Warrior Angel

Fall in love with heroines and heroes that battle the Army of the Fallen into the pits of hell. Tempting twists, fast-paced page-turners piques the reader’s interest with this different and intriguing series.
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Angel Watcher, a Ditch Lane Diaries short story by bestselling author of Feisty Heroines Romance Collection of Shorts, D. F. Jones comes available September 15, 2020 (This short story was written last October which predicts the demise of humanity through a super volcano in Yellowstone, followed by looting and chaos then the global pandemic)

Tagline: New Beginnings require sacrifice.

The tremors faint, but grew stronger, releasing a swarm of quakes when a
cataclysmic supervolcano erupted in North America, killing one hundred thousand souls

Summer turned into the long winter lasting more than a decade. Food shortages
resulted in widespread famine. Humanity hadn’t fared well. Looting and riots killed more
humans than even The Creator predicted.

The Angel Watcher, Kaduntz had been unable to stop humanity’s demise leaving her heartbroken.

The Angel of Destruction released the four horsemen.

The age-old prophecies came to fruition.

Decades later, Kaduntz searched for human survivors rumored to live on Campbell Ridge.

The moment she locked eyes with the angel hybrid, her world turned upside down.

The touch of his hand sent a jolt of electricity through her soul.

Who and what did he want with her?
Dawn Jones
Jones Media
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