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Gene Tyler
Apr. 2, 2020
Brandon Hatten
Fiction: General/Other
Teenager Gene Tyler, nerd and social pariah, is the perfect subject for bullying until he develops the ability to absorb and reverse kinetic energy upon which he goes on a crusade against all bullies before a beautiful girl leads him to a tragic accident turning his life for the worst.

High school in the Midwest can be daunting, especially for a social outcast under humiliating pressure from bullies. Everyone knows that the only solution to the agony of high school punks is to develop a superpower that renders their own strength useless. But with enhanced abilities comes enhanced responsibilities and Gene Tyler will quickly discover that otherworldly power cannot solve all of his problems, especially those regarding beautiful women and their ex-boyfriends. The only escape for Gene Tyler may be a Shakespearean tragedy.
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Brandon Hatten
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