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Feb. 13, 2020
Francis Di Alesio
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
I am an executive film producer based in Switzerland specializing in packaging European feature films, television series and novels of value that are beeing financed and produced in Europe.

Together with Jeff Berg, the former chairman of ICM, we want to find the right agent and secure a publishing deal before exploring a motion picture deal. Cr’isskal is a new fantasy novel written by a new Swiss/Italian writer, Francis Di Alesio.

If you are interested we would send you his first finished novel, along with its summary and the summaries of the following two novels, together with the map Francis designed.

Below you can find a brief synopsis of Cr’isskal:

A group of explorers suddenly vanishes in the ruins of Urn’ar, thus worrying the king of a nearby city who sends a second expedition. Only one will return, having miraculously escaped the perils of the underground tunnels of those ruins. At that point a most urgent missive is sent to the capital of the dwarves to inform them about events and to ask for counsel. Perhaps the books kept in the capital might throw light on recent occurrences. Unfortunately the message never reaches its destination. The royal messenger’s escort is killed one by one, leaving a trail of bodies along the way. The outer casing of the despatch is found intact along with its precious contents by a patrol in the south-east of Ranthos. A mystery surrounds those bodies, and questions cry out for answers.

If somebody wanted to eliminate the expedition in order to prevent the message from being delivered, why did they not destroy the message?

The chessboard of time is all but ready, its pieces are moving, silent poison pieces, sliding in the shadows.

On their way to the capital they will meet a youth of little more than twenty, Endal, still rather immature and always ready for a laugh. But the darkness is looming, and the young man will find himself caught up in this web, filled with illusion and deceit, getting dragged into a maelstrom of destruction. He is oblivious to what he is about to embark on, a journey that will lead him from the labyrinth cities of dwarves to the insidious mountain chains of Kor’Lai, even reaching places beyond time. Mighty cities are destined to be blotted out from the map of Ranthos, vanishing like dandelions in the storm.

Endal will find out he is linked in some way to an arcane reality that defies his imagination and will start to have visions: blood-chilling episodes that he cannot explain. From that moment on something inside him will change forever.

The tender love story between Endal and Celine will bloom during this dark journey, giving rise to an enduring and unexpected relationship.
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