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Lake Barcroft
Jan. 28, 2020
Jeffrey Marcus Oshins
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Genre: Young Adult/Romance between the daughter of the U.S. Senate Majority Leader and a musician in a Washington, DC suburb in the mid-1960’s, teen pregnancy and a lifetime coverup. Word count: 120,000.

In the last days of illegal abortion, the matriarch of a First Family of Virginia hides her 16 year-old granddaughter's pregnancy by turning to the Catholic "underground railroad" for pregnant teens.


Rebecca "Beck" Lyons suffers from DRC–Dream-Reality Confusion and Intermittent Explosive Disorder brought on by the trauma of witnessing the drowning of her mother and brother in Lake Barcroft. Sweet and compliant most of time, Beck is prone to outburst of rage and sleepwalking where she can't tell the difference between sleep and wakefulness

When her father remarries, 14-year-old Beck must deal with a new live-in stepsister. Fifteen-year-old Sonia-Barton leads Beck into teen life with a careless disregard for the behavior expected of children of a major elected official.

Beck has always loved her dead brother's best friend Randall. Beck and Sonia-Barton follow Randall into the world of late 60s suburban rock bands.

When Randall gets Beck pregnant, her grandmother, a proud Virginia protestant, turns to the Catholic underground to hide the disgraced teen.

Beck returns from "a year in France" having given up her daughter for adoption but doesn't tell Randall the truth.

Love prevails and after Randall becomes a rock star they marry. Seven years into their marriage, Beck discovers that their daughter Betty was adopted by a now widower congressman.

Beck follows Betty’s life from afar.

The need to reveal the truth grows stronger when Beck becomes convinced Betty might become a groupie for Randall's band. Beck leaves Randall and moves in with the congressman.

The congressman is convicted and sent to jail. Betty is spending more time with Randall. In a moment of dream/reality disorder Beck goes out on the thin ice of Lake Barcroft and drowns in the same spot as her mother and brother, taking her secret with her to death.
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Author's band APOKAFUL was featured in American Songwriter Top 50 Albums of 2015. The most recent video "Too Old for the Road" has been well received in international markets. A tour is starting in Latin America in March.

High potential for cross-over marketing of Lake Barcroft through musical appearances and interviews.
Jeffrey Marcus Oshins
phone: 8056831200
PO Box 4072, Santa Barbara, CA PO Box 4072 Sant
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