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Jan. 27, 2020
Maureen Boyle
Non-fiction: True crime
An award-winning journalist tells the story of a small Pennsylvania town hit by unspeakable violence and the decades-long hunt for a killer, whose remains are eventually found buried in his elderly wife’s suburban backyard in Massachusetts.

“The Ghost: A murder, a mobster and a search for justice” by Maureen Boyle examines how the killer, a low level Massachusetts mobster named Donald Eugene Webb, hid for decades before a FBI agent (who helped locate James “Whitey” Bulger) re-opened the case and, with the help of other determined investigators in three states, finally found him. The book looks at how the death of 32-year-old Chief Greg Adams shattered the serenity of tiny Saxonburg, Pennsylvania and tells the story of the investigators and residents who never gave up hope or forgot the man who gave his life for them.

Decades before Bulger hit the FBI Most Wanted List, Webb was “the guy” for investigators to catch in the 1980s. Webb earned the nickname “The Ghost” after he appeared to vanish shortly after the killing, with no solid leads to his whereabouts. Nearly forty years after the murder, one of the FBI agents who helped catch Bulger (and helped find the killer of six-year-old Etan Patz, who went missing in 1979 in New York City) solved the mystery of where Donald Eugene Webb was.

Nearly four decades after the killing, the skeletal remains of Donald Eugene Webb were found buried. The mobster’s 80-plus year-old widow told authorities she kept him hidden for years in her house, often in a secret basement closet, before digging his grave alone one winter then burying him after he suffered a stroke and died. “The Ghost” is a story of love, loss and how answers don’t always bring closure or justice.
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