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IN Justice
Jan. 25, 2020
Gerald J Klein MD
Non-fiction: Narrative
Allow me to introduce my 87,000-word narrative non- fiction manuscript “In Justice”,
recently revised and completely rewritten. Although written in the first person, the narrator emerges as the narrative vehicle and its common thread.
Surprisingly, it happened and can be fully documented. Only the names have been changed.

It was five o’clock in the morning in Palm Beach County when the assault began.
Troops in full combat gear stormed a tranquil retirement community to arrest a seventy-seven-year-old physician sleeping peacefully in bed. Dr. Harper was handcuffed and charged with first degree murder in the overdose death of 24-year-old Jason Gordon.

I am Jack Harper, the physician who prescribed the pain medication that ended the life of Jason Gordon. A complete and through investigation by the Florida Board of Medicine concluded the medication was properly prescribed and medically indicated.
It was prescribed in good faith
Jason did not have to die. He should not have died.

This is my story and Jason’s story. They have become one in the same
His mother, a Registered Nurse and his older sister, married to a physician were unaware of Jason’s long-time drug addiction until receiving his phone call in August 2009. He wanted them to be aware he was enrolling in a drug rehabilitation program. They were surprised at this revelation but proud he was taking charge and accepting full responsibility.
They did but not feel any necessity or obligation to offer support or participate in his battle.

Their support suddenly appeared eighteen hours after Jason overdosed as they began their attempt to manipulate the investigation into his death. Two years later, a politician aspiring to be the next Governor and a cooperative Prosecutor were found, willing to assign guilt and punish
Dr. Harper
An obscure law intended to punish drug dealers was invoked and an indictment obtained.
The death sentence was not requested at this time.

The importance of family participation in a drug addict’s quest for sobriety is seldom discussed or mentioned in the media. By contrast the failure of our judicial system to offer fair and equal protection to its citizens is reported upon daily.
These two issues come together as they impact an eighty-two-year-old physician who has just spent four years under house arrest and is about to go on trial. Both issues are given equal emphasis.

Drug addiction is personalized, given a new face and perhaps a new meaning as you meet a physician who now works at McDonalds and Marty, the prosecutions star witness who gives shady a new meaning. Jason Gordon will become a living person.

Dr. Harper and his attorneys successfully confront a corrupt Prosecutor and her equally corrupt Investigator who shamelessly tamper with evidence and attempt to influence the testimony of witnesses and medical experts. They offer rewards for witnesses’ cooperation and blatantly lie to the judge as they attempt to create evidence.
The judge appears not to notice.
All is recorded and corroborated in public records.

Before the trial ends an emergency Writ of Habeas Corpus is filed.
Later, a motion is made to the Court of Appeals requesting the Court to order the Judge to recuse herself for apparent and obvious bias.

The search is ongoing for the elusive common thread that is about to be revealed.
Closure is sought and finally obtained as the mystery is resolved.

Thank you for your evaluation and consideration for representation.
Gerald Klein
phone: 5616306324
3399 Central Gardens Circle, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
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