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Love in the Time of Global Climate Change
Jan. 13, 2020
Josef Pánek
Fiction: General/Other
Remarkably dense and disturbing text from one of the most distinctive voices of contemporary Czech literature.

Love in the Time of Global Climate Change tells a tale of the global village we call Earth, the illogicality of racism and the unpredictable paths of the heart, and how we all fear change, while the greatest of all is taking place around us. The plot is straightforward: the protagonist, Tomáš, travels to attend a conference that takes place in Bangalore. He is a man struggling to pull himself together after a divorce, a scientist forced by our hectic, globalised world to learn to work with others and suppress his individuality for the sake of his research. A more or less chance encounter with an attractive Indian participant at the conference leads to a night of intense passion, both in terms of sex and conversation. The author’s playful ending leaves it to the reader’s imagination to decide what has really happened. But one ought not to dwell on the plot too much since what is more important in Love in the Time of Global Climate Change is that Pánek’s writing continues a tradition of Czech literature that started with Bohumil Hrabal and can be traced to more recent writers such as Emil Hakl and Jáchym Topol. This pedigree is apparent in the author’s relentless narration, story-telling for the sheer pleasure of story-telling, a verbal deluge sustained for pages on end, alternating between outright bragging and masochistic self-denigration. At the same time, Pánek’s writing shows a kinship with writers such as Josef Škvorecký, particularly in the portrayal of life “elsewhere,” i.e. outside the Czech environment.
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Veronika Chaloupkova
Argo Publishers
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