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His Father's Son
Oct. 4, 2019
Tony Black
Fiction: General/Other
His Father's Son, by Tony Black

I am representing Tony Black, renowned U. K. author, who is seeking a U. S. publisher for a reprint of his novel, His Father's Son. A brief overview of the story is below.

Australia is the Lucky Country, and Joey Driscol knows it. It's a far cry from his native Ireland, but he believes this is the place he and his wife can forget the troubles of the past.
There's a good life, a new house, regular work, and, in time, they welcome their new son, Marti, into the world. Joey's wife has been struggling, their marriage is on the rocks and suddenly, she disappears taking Marti with her. Then, when Joey gets word that his wife and son have returned to Ireland, he knows that he'll now have to do the same. And he also knows that he'll finally have to confront the ghosts of his past.

But going home is not so easy. Joey is broke and doesn’t know if he’ll ever make it back to Ireland. In an act of kindness, Joey’s neighbors and work buddies pool their resources and come up with passage for Joey’s return to his homeland. The trip turns out to be more perilous than he ever imagined.

Upon Joey’s return to Ireland, he finds that Marti is having real trouble adjusting to life in their small village. His wife’s depression has become even worse, and Marti has been put in the care of a relative.

It’s up to Joey, now, to get his family’s life back to normal, if that’s ever possible. He struggles to gain the strength to get help for his wife and child, and finally finds it. In the end, there is a graceful peace upon the family.

Tony Black is the author of sixteen novels, including the critically acclaimed Gus Dury crime series (Arrow, Random House) and the DI Rob Brennan series (Arrow, Random House). He has been nominated for eight CWA Daggers and was runner up in The Guardian’s Not the Booker prize for The Last Tiger. Born in Australia, Tony grew up in Scotland and Ireland. He is described by Irvine Welsh as his “favourite British crime writer.” Visit Tony’s website at: www.tonyblack.net
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