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A Kiss for Maggie Moore
Aug. 30, 2019
Michelle Racheff Pettit
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Maggie Moore is a smart-mouthed tomboy whose tough facade masks her romantic feelings for Bucky, an easy-going heartthrob. Her best friend Melinda is more feminine, intelligent, lonely—and clearly the object of Bucky’s affection. This triangle of love and friendship endures and transcends the quirky residents of Old Orphanage Road in rural Wyoming, where the three come of age in an era of societal change. As a child, Maggie struggles to understand her emerging feelings amid the free-spirited adventures she and Bucky share with Melinda. In their teens, however, when adventure takes on a whole new meaning and Melinda slips into a downward spiral involving drugs and fast living, Maggie finds the courage to finally make a move on Bucky. To her delight, Bucky returns her affection, but their moment is short lived, interrupted by tragic news that an auto accident has landed Melinda in the hospital. In their rush for answers and to comfort their friend, Maggie realizes again, perhaps more clearly than ever, Bucky’s deep and unresolved feelings for Melinda. Heartbroken, she must make an agonizing choice: continue to compete with her best friend for Bucky; or sacrifice her dream man for the sake of his love for Melinda. She opts for the latter, conceiving and carrying out a plot that compels Bucky and Melinda to finally act upon their mutual, long-simmering attraction while Maggie moves in with Palmer, a gay actor unprepared to come out. She passes off Palmer as her new steady boyfriend to Bucky and Melinda, and he likewise claims her as a girlfriend with his family. When Maggie finally returns to Old Orphanage Road, it’s to attend the wedding of Bucky and Melinda, where her heart swells with remorse but also satisfaction at having done the right thing…she hopes.
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Michelle Racheff Pettit is a former radio personality and voice talent with experience spanning musical theater, opera, big band, rock, and country. She currently fronts the folk-rock group Bandella and performs with the Bay Area Chorus of Greater Houston. Michelle is an experienced copywriter whose personal writing has appeared in various Native American-themed publications. She’s written an adapted screenplay of DAVID AND THE PHOENIX, and her second novel, about two women dealing with a narcissist’s betrayal, is well underway.
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