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The Affliction
June 29, 2019
Wendy E Marsh
Fiction: New Adult
Twenty-one-year-old Aubrie Lander continues to convince herself she is an ordinary college student, pretending the strange things she sees are merely tricks in her mind and hiding her abnormal physical abilities. When an intruder kidnaps her best and only friend, Aubrie then finds herself repeatedly encountering Gabriel, a scarred but enticing stranger who saves her life and unintentionally leads her into his mystical world. As the truth of her destiny unfurls, she realizes that there is a place that she can finally find freedom.
When Gabriel realizes what she is, Aubrie finally accepts that her unusual abilities are talents belonging to those born into the secret society, The Mystic. Created to defeat the demon-like creatures dubbed Davos, The Mystic’s members possess a range of supernatural skills, which Aubrie must master to fulfill her purpose. Complications from her troubled past intertwine with her new journey, and she struggles to accept real love.
Aubrie, a relatable yet kick-ass, pistol-wielding heroin, must fight to prove her worth as a member of The Mystic, learn how to fulfill her purpose in defeating the shape-shifting Davos and more importantly, the Dark Shadow rebels, including her estranged father. She wonders if she can ever relinquish her pride and show enough vulnerability to save the one relationship she simultaneously loves and rejects. She must journey to the Society’s capital outside London to learn her fate and face an unexpected onslaught from the other side, not knowing who will make it out alive.
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