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From Dusty Plains to Wartime Planes
May 2, 2019
John Wait
Non-fiction: Memoir
Genre: Non-Fiction: Autobiography, Military, Memoir
Tags: WW2; dust bowl; great depression; Kansas; Hitler’s Bunker; London; Air Force; Pilot
Length: 61,617 words
This is the story of my father, John Wait, Jr. Although my father is a hero to his family, this is not a "rags to riches" story, although he certainly has been successful in life, both in family and in deed; nor is it a tale of heroic deeds, although there are a few. Mostly it is a first-hand account of the trials and tribulations of two epic eras in our history - the Great Dust Bowl (which coincided with the Great Depression), and World War II – as seen through a Midwesterner's eyes. His stories provide vivid images of growing up in dire poverty, yet achieving his ambition of being a pilot, only to have it taken away - then given back, then taken away again.

He grew up in a three-room house shared with four other siblings and his parents in rural Kansas during the devastating dust bowl years, which coincided with the Great Depression. After becoming a pilot while in college, he enlisted in the Army Air Force six months prior to Pearl Harbor. As a result, he was one of the first fighter pilots to go overseas to England. How he went from flying beat-up spitfires to essentially commanding two of the world's most famous airports - Heathrow and Le Bourget - to becoming one of the first Americans to enter Hitler's Bunker before the end of the war is a truly amazing story.
The book is full of rich story-telling supplemented with historical documents and information, and lots of pictures.
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I have posted the book on Wattpad to solicit feedback, which has been very favorable. To read, click
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