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Say What Loneliness?
Mar. 29, 2019
Chaunda Gaines
Non-fiction: General/Other
Say What? Loneliness has 93 pages about 26,934 words. This is an inspirational spiritual self help book, professional edited, geared toward ages sixteen onward and individuals whose going through situation in life and don’t know who to turn to for answers or solutions. The story involves around people that’s lonely or loneliness creeping inside their souls.
If you don’t know how to cope with loneliness you could very well commit suicide or kill that person causing you so much pain, grief and sorrow inside or just be plain miserable for the for the rest of your life.
Sometimes you have to block everything out of your mind. So you won’t have to feel the pain if a drifter takes advantage of you physically/sexually like Buddhism sitting down Indian style, mediating your mind and body to be somewhere else, then you won’t be able to feel the pain.

All your dreams have come true being an actor/actress living life to the fullest. You have so much money; you don’t even know what to do with. Being an actor/actress do you think you could become empty, lonely and may not be aware of it.
If you think about it deeply you realize these kids have felt that they are all alone in this world with no one to care about them, nobody to love them at night or hold them or just read them a bedtime story and reassure them everything is going to be okay.
They have forgotten about mom or dad at home alone.
Forcing both of you to be in separate rooms and the communications stop, then loneliness steps in the room—no one to talk to but the walls
Concentrating on the enjoyment of sex is another part of loneliness because you can miss it when you’re not able to get it.
Then you labeled as messy causing you to be by yourself or isolate yourself again or crawl up in a little corner all by yourself.
Ask yourself was it all worth? Do you have anything that you can show for what you did when you committed that crime for the time spent being locked up?
You working so late on your job like you running away from some problem you might have, no doubt, you probably don’t want to talk about it either. When there’s a void inside of you, you share not to talk about the problem but pour your heart out into your work.
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