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Mar. 5, 2019
Valeria Parrella
Fiction: General/Other
Can a prison free the people who enter it?
Is there an island in the Mediterranean from which you can never reach the sea?
It happens at Nisida, just beyond the promontory of Posillipo. Nisida, moored like a
boat, is a small island nestled between Capri and Bagnoli. This is where Elisabetta
Maiorano does sums at the blackboard with a mixed group of young inmates.
She is fifty years old; she lives alone; every morning she crosses the city with all its
But one day, Almarina shows up in her classroom. The prospects change, the earth
becomes the sea and its opposite, and those stairs always leading downward – enervating
bureaucracy, unexpected deaths, sleepless nights – reveal the other possibility:
an opportunity to ascend them.
In a dry writing style, warm, intimate, and political, Valeria Parrella precisely touches
our emotions, giving voice to two forms of loneliness whose power will move us.
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World English rights (John Murray)
Valeria Zito
Giulio Einaudi editore
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