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Aug. 10, 2018
Kris Katsaropoulos
Fiction: General/Other
The unveiling of a new work of art by Jacob Marsteller is typically one of the most highly-anticipated events in the international art scene--but not his time. Jacob's new piece is a labyrinth of gossamer fabric perched on the peak of a mountain called Entrevoir in a remote corner of the south of France and it looks as if nobody except Jacob's teenage children and a few neighbors from the village will bother to show up.

As Jacob finishes dressing for the party, he and his wife Marya begin to argue. She warned him that moving from the vibrant art scene of New York to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere would be a fatal mistake for his career. A she turns her back to him and walks down the stairs, Jacob tells her there was a reason he had to come here to create this piece--and that's when Jacob's whole world begins to unravel.

Without realizing what is happening, he is lifted out of his body and taken to another dimension where he becomes the watcher, the witness and experiencer of lives he lived six decades ago and thousands of years ago, on other planets and as the highest forms of life. In the span of one instant and over the course of millions of years. Jacob comes to understand that he is not his body, he is not his mind . . . he is not even his soul. By the end of the amazing unveiling of Jacob's true SELF, he will experience the greatest transfiguration any human being has ever known: the realization of the ultimate nature of human life, and of Spirit itself.
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Chris Katsaropoulos is the author of more than a dozen books, including three critically acclaimed novels, Fragile, Antiphony, and Unilateral, as well as Complex Knowing, the first collection of his poetry. He has been an editor at several major publishing houses and has published numerous trade books, textbooks, and novels over the course of his career. Chris enjoys traveling, playing the piano, and hiking in out of the way places.
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