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The Butterfly Garden
Oct. 6, 2017
Suzanne Simonetti
Fiction: Debut
In The Butterfly Garden, the lives of three women from vastly different backgrounds intersect in the charming seaside town of Cape May, NJ. The past is revealed, truths are uncovered, and connections are made, bridging the women to one another in staggering ways and changing them forever: For the last 30 years, Goldie Sparrows has enjoyed a quiet and reasonably successful life as a local potter. As her finances dwindle and health erodes, her dead husband Simon appears in her moments of darkness, haunting her about the secret she is desperate to keep buried. Jocelyn Anderson is a struggling writer in her late thirties anxious to finish her book as the deadline looms. She stumbles upon a hidden and private journal belonging to her late mother-in-law whom she never met and learns the truth of her husband’s connection to Goldie. Krystal Axelrod has never been able to rid herself of that young and insecure girl who is now trapped in a full-grown, beautiful woman’s body. With the help of Goldie who sees through the sparkly facade, Krystal uncovers an innate talent and the two enter into an unexpected and life-altering business arrangement.
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Bestselling novelist Caroline Leavitt calls The Butterfly Garden “…so so so so great and profound and moving and every other great adjective I can think of."
Laura Strachan
Strachan Literary Agency
Annapolis, MD 21404
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