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The 6 Figure Adjunct
May 23, 2023
Jan Yager, Ph.D.
Non-fiction: Business/Finance/Economics
I changed the title from The Adjunct's Survival Guide to The 6 figure Adjunct
This is a self-help book by someone who has been there and done that for decades but has also done extensive research into adjuncting by conducting interviews, compiling surveys, with adjuncts as well as fulltime academics and administrators.
whether the reader is doing adjuncting as a stepping stone to a fulltime job or as an extra for another career, this book will offer him/her tips and suggestions to make that experience much more lucrative and empowering.
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There are almost 1 million adjuncts in the U.S. and part-time faculty is a growing trend around the world. there are pros and cons to adjuncting and there are secret "truths" about this phenomenon that need to be exposed and shared! Knowledge is power, as they say.
Jan Yager
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