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Estate Planning: Simple is Better!
Apr. 27, 2023
Gilbert Keith Murphy
Non-fiction: Advice/Relationships/Self-Help
I am an Attorney with almost 50 years of experience, now specializing in Elder Law and Estate Planning. There are now over 60 Million Americans 65 years and older with 10,000 more joining the senior ranks every day for the next 15 years. Each and every one of them need help not only planning their estates, but also planning their old age. I have written a "tell it like it is" guide, approximately 19,000 words, that will be controversial, honest, and a game-changer for the average American. It is NOT a DIY with lots of forms, but an eye-opening, whistleblowing explanation as to why most Americans do NOT need a trust, and should NOT seek to avoid probate. The sub-title is "A 75-year-old Elder Law Attorney Sounds Off!". Simple is better! Good news.
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The manuscript is ready for print. All rights available. Unpublished. Completed April, 2023.
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I practice Elder Law every day. A unique feature of my book is the presentation of story after story which demonstrates and underscores the importance of planning and the reasons why Simple is Better. The reason I wrote this self-help guide is because of the misinformation and opportunists who are misleading Americans with regard to important senior issues.
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