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The Trickery
May 25, 2023
Kaylen Kichline
Fiction: Debut
Main character Sofi fears no loss until she is broken by the loss of her baby two years prior. Behind hospital walls she dives headlong into the world of law enforcement, medical personnel, drug addicts, and the people on the streets of Dayton, Ohio on the verge of 2019’s end for the desire of what will set her free. Tender, deeply emotional, and viscerally honest, this is a story of a drifting family and its tension pulled, a reflection of motherhood taken from a "lone-wolf" woman, of dryly humorous and poetic prose in the white space of dialogue and meditative thought. It is sublime perspective on the rise of a novel virus in its beginning stages through observing eyes of hospital staff and those who live on the city streets alike; the chaos builds alongside Sofi's inability cope with her suppressing past.
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Kaylen Kichline
Dayton, OH 45420
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