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The Royal Flight
Apr. 11, 2023
Dwayne Clayden
Fiction: Thriller
I’d love to introduce you to Dwayne Clayden’s new novel, The Royal Flight. This thriller has the winter/airport/hostage feel like a modern take on Die Hard Part Two, mixed in with the royals on The Crown.
Here’s the setup: Amid a fierce blizzard grounding all flights, terrorists seize a civilian aircraft at Denver’s Stapleton International Airport, igniting a hostage situation.
A flight carrying the royals is diverted to a smaller airport. Upon landing, their aircraft is attacked, and a seasoned detective must team up with a British special forces officer to protect a royal couple. They trudge through heavy snow toward safety at a remote farmhouse.
Meanwhile, a hostage negotiator grapples with the lead hijacker back at Stapleton. He demands millions of dollars to release American hostages from the Iranian revolution, threatening to kill two-hundred passengers if his terms aren’t met.
As things go wrong, the chilling truth is uncovered: the original objective was the abduction of the royal couple.
Another group of terrorists locates the royals at the farmhouse, leaving the detective and the royals to confront them while SWAT teams scramble to save civilians at the airport.
In a fight to save innocent lives and diffuse a hostage situation, The Royal Flight should have been rescheduled.
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