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Something We Never Imagined
Apr. 10, 2023
Douglas J. Wemple
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A bitter young man with an eye on his career bumps into a young woman with very strong faith. They part ways after their quick conversation waiting in line at the local coffee shop. Just another stranger--or was it? After an unplanned mishap, they find each other face to face again. What is God trying to tell them?

THEMES: Forgiveness, moving forward, letting go, looking past first impressions

COMPS: Serendipity meets Do You Believe?

CHARACTERS: Colton Dust & Emma Lee

COLTON DUST: An ambitious, career-focused young man. Colton is blinded by his past life circumstances and living in a shield of anger, grudges and regret. His faith dissipated through his life and he doesn't understand how anyone can keep faith in God when life is full of pain. He looks at Emma Lee and wonders how she can have such strong faith and he knows he can get her to lose it if he tries.

EMMA LEE: A young woman with a very strong faith. She faced obstacles in her past, but they only strengthened her belief in God. Although she sees Colton as harsh and self-centered, she looks past the shell and wonders why he is the way he is and knows she could build his faith through encouragement if given a chance.

Country boy Colton Dust moves to Los Angeles to study journalism at USC after graduating from high school in his small hometown. A few years after graduating with a degree in journalism, he finds himself quickly rising up the ranks as a news columnist in LA when his first column at a smaller newspaper catches the eye of the Editor in Chief at the largest newspaper in LA.

However, just as he is finally achieving success in his career, he happens to meet a beautiful young woman named Emma Lee Coal who begins to stir something inside of him he had not felt in a long time, but in order to open his heart, he has to encounter a painful experience still haunting him from his past.

Even though Emma Lee is initially enchanted by his charming looks, she quickly finds him a bit brash and self-centered. Yet, she also finds herself intrigued to learn more about why he believes what he does, she just isn't sure if she'll ever see him again after their first encounter.

Then after a twist of fate brings the two of them together again, she begins to help him experience the healing power of forgiveness, but as his life hits a crossroad point, he must decide if he truly has faith and trust in God in order to experience something he never could have imagined.
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