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Mano a Mano: The Coccus Island Project
Mar. 30, 2023
Gilbert Keith Murphy
Fiction: General/Other
The attacks in May 2026 leaving almost 900 children, Alzheimer patients, and worshippers riddled with military grade wounds were more than the American psyche could handle. Something - - - anything - - - had to be done to stop the slaughter of our innocents. It was in that environment that Washington authorized The Coccus Island Project. It's mission was to offer a free-fire zone in hopes of drawing the murdering bastards out of hiding, to invite them to seek their destiny on Coccus - - - moths to a flame. Captain George Truman, US Army was leader of Team 2; this is his story.
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Author seeks a literary agent for this unpublished future fiction novel. The manuscript and covers are ready to go pending review.
Gilbert Keith MURPHY
Gilbert Murphy
phone: 706 897 5168
185 East Broad, Norman Park, Ga 31771
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