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The Cobbler, How I Disrupted An Industry, Fell From Grace & Came Back Stronger Than Ever
Mar. 30, 2023
Steve Madden
Non-fiction: Business/Finance/Economics
Everyone knows Steve Madden's name and his shoes, but few are familiar with his story. Over the past thirty years Steve Madden has taken his eponymous shoe company from the fledgling startup he founded with a mere $1,100.00 to a global, multi-billion-dollar brand. But Madden's mistakes, from his battle with addiction to the financial shortcuts that landed him in prison, are as important to his story as his most iconic shoes. In this raw, intimate, and inspiring book, Madden holds nothing back as he shares what it took to get here and the lessons he's learned along the way. Readers are treated to the wild ride though his rise, fall, and comeback. But they will also walk away uplifted by a man who has owned up to his mistakes, determined to give back.
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The Steve Madden brand is expanding and experiencing substantial growth in markets beyond North America. His name and brand are recognized as celebrity in all of Europe and beyond.
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