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Monster Kids Book Series
Mar. 27, 2023
Gretchen Gruesome
Children's: Middle Grade Fiction
There is something strange about Welcome, New Jersey—other than the name and the sign as you enter town that reads: Welcome to Welcome. Oh, sure, it looks like any typical American suburb. But scratch beneath the surface with a claw or a fang and you will discover Welcome’s secret. There are monsters living in this quiet village. Not that the human residents are in any danger. These monsters just want to fit in, to lead normal human lives. They have all left their homes to come here, believing that the name of the town also reflected the attitude of its people. How could a town named “Welcome” not welcome them? They all came seeking a better life for their kids. And it is those kids who are the focus of Monster Kids! Illustrations available. Drak’s Slumber Party Frank’s Field Trip Harry Goes to Camp Boris Bigfoot’s Big Feat The Curse of Cleo Patrick’s Mummy Zelda’s Zombie Dance
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