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When the Mountains Call You
June 1, 2023
Lisa Malawski
Digital: Fiction: General
The title of this this book is a metaphor for when middle age calls you, when empty nest syndrome calls you, when death calls you, when love calls you, when rescuing a dog calls you, when relocating to another state calls you, when fixing your mental health calls you, and when racial disparity calls you.
What will you do? How will you respond?

Hope is a white, middle-aged woman going through menopause and empty nest syndrome. She has a biracial, kick-ass daughter named Calley. Calley is a child of two worlds, and her worlds collide in a way never expected. Hope takes the reader through the struggles of real life in various capacities and situations. She discusses fixing her own mental health, in addition to portraying the mental health challenges which impact others. Along the way in this compelling journey, various dogs are rescued; love is ignited; death unfolds, and new lives begin.

Racial disparity and veganism are the backbone of several characters, and the "hope" is the reader will relate the events to their own lives and experiences.
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"When the Mountains Call You" is the first book to be published in a proposed series.
Expected publishing date is June 2023.
Lisa Malawski
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