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Niebla ardiente
Mar. 21, 2023
Laura Baeza
Fiction: Debut
For Esther, the memories of her childhood and youth are reduced to the mental illness her sister suffered from, the intensive care she needed and the always insufficient precautions that were set in order to protect her. Afterwards, Esther’s memories are about her sister’s disappearance and her murder. So, how is it possible that, in Barcelona, in the beginning of 2013 her sister’s figure appears on the tv screen? How can that woman be in the middle of disturbances in Hidalgo? How can her sister be broadcasted on Spanish television? Her sister, a victim of feminicide.

Esther has crossed the Atlantic before to escape the pain and loss, but, mostly, the guilt. Now she will have to make the journey the other way around in order to search for the truth that was taken from her. Is it true that, as many others in Mexico, she was kidnapped and murdered?
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