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Tea and Toil at the Woman’s Club
Mar. 16, 2023
Bainy Cyrus
Non-fiction: Narrative
When you hear “The Woman’s Club”, it’s not all tea parties but also hard work in contributing to the community, country, and world through its advocacy, volunteerism, and charity. The city would still be filthy if the Woman’s Club of Norfolk had not pushed for municipal cleaning in 1905. Or the streets would be miserably dark if the General Federation of Women’s Clubs had not campaigned for streetlights in 1961. And imagine the extra hard work to keep the century-old clubhouse from falling apart – while the club members delicately entertain themselves and guests with a bowl of iced tea punch. Tea and toil have persisted at the Martin Mansion owned by the Woman’s Club of Norfolk, at least with patience and humor.
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