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Random Acts of Courage: Portraits of Heroes, Martyrs and Activists
Mar. 15, 2023
Bill Armstrong
Non-fiction: General/Other
“If you are worried about the future of our country and our species, this terrific book is for you. It’s a powerful tribute to the real heroes who have built human history, reminding us that the fight for decency and caring can be won.”—Howard Dean)

Random Acts of Courage: Portraits of Heroes, Martyrs and Activists combines text and collaged photographs to create portraits honoring a widely diverse group of heroic individuals who dedicated their lives to service, either through selfless acts of courage or lifelong commitment. It addresses significant issues facing the world today—racial justice, political oppression, and climate change in a literary non-fiction voice. The portraits, both current and historic, are intended as an antidote to the troubling confluence of current events that seems almost apocalyptic at times: war in Europe; the Covid 19 pandemic; unprecedented floods and fires; and the struggle for racial justice amidst an intractable political divide.
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