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Shyamla (The Sharjah YA Book Award-winner)
Mar. 1, 2023
Rania Bedda
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
Shyamla, a 15-year-old girl, lives in Kerala with her father. She is in constant grief due to the loss of her mother, but she shuts the sadness inside her heart and never shows it to anyone, always wearing that big, wide fake grin. Her mother, which she refers to as the “Jasmine Lady,” used to create bracelets and accessories out of Jasmine and wore them frequently, so Shyamla adores Jasmine as it is the only thing that she remembers her late mother with. One day, Shyamla goes on a school trip to Jaipur, the “Pink City,” to visit its popular sites. She and her classmates spend their last week camping inside an Elephant farm, where Shyamla meets someone very similar to her in a way she doesn’t know yet, but that someone is actually an Elephant! Suraj the Elephant was attracted to the smell of Shyamla’s Jasmine flower crown and met her by accident. Since then, Shyamla and Suraj became friends and had many wonderful adventures, their way of communication being drawing.
Suraj is a lonely Elephant with a talent for drawing, and like Shyamla, he has also lost his mother when he was little. As his mother’s death was largely influenced by the Elephant hunters, he doesn’t like Humans and doesn’t want to interact with them, so he refuses to participate in the farm activities and hides his talent from the farm owners. He has a special corner at the edge of the farm where he gathers coloring and drawing tools that the farm throwed out.
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