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Juhayna - Part 2 - The Town Ghost
Feb. 26, 2023
Islam Abdallah
Fiction: Thriller
Juhayna, the city of oddities and wondrous events.. An interesting series in 3 parts full of adventures.. After which you will see the world differently!!

Shoes on trees.. Trash baskets placed in front
House doors.. strange drawings on the walls.. furniture
Houses are moving.. Dining tables appear in the streets
The city.. Does all this happen for no reason?! Or is there
A ghost does that?! Who would you expect to be a ghost
Who does these things?!
Is the ghost very close to you and very far from you?
your imagination?!
(Continue the rest of the oddities in the third part).
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It's a series consists of 3 parts:
Juhayna 1 (The City of Strangers)
Juhayna 3 (The Monsters Cave)
Eman Atef
Nahdet Misr Publishing House
phone: 01060770170
21 Ahmed Orabi St.,, Mohandiseen, Giza, Egypt, Giza, 12411
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