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Feb. 16, 2023
Shloak Shah
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
I’m seeking representation for a 70,000-word, young adult fantasy novel called Outbound, told through five, third-person limited POVs. The story is primarily set on an iron-age planet called Lunarium, where an empire controlled by dragons has ruled over its human inhabitants for 800 years. But the Empire’s stable facade hides the fact that it is more vulnerable than ever. A dormant uprising gains new momentum and celestial aid, but the greatest threats to Imperial stability may be the ones at its very heart.
And millions of miles away, an entirely different society is on the brink of its own civil war. The Gaian Union, Atmana Federation, and the Neutral Worlds vie for influence in an increasingly hostile and polarized universe. It’s only a matter of time before conflict forces both these worlds into contact, and what follows will determine the future for all the peoples of Lunarium and the wider universe.
Shloak Shah
phone: 14156277485
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